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Show your players how explosive the One Formation Offense is by using this teaching tape. These are clips you can use to show HOW to run the One Formation Offense and the different ways the defense will try to stop you. These clips are the perfect teaching tool to become unstoppable in the One Formation Offense.

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Why is the One Formation Offense so dangerous?

Know EXACTLY what the defense will do

ALWAYS have the defense guessing what play you're going to call

Keep the defense off guard with constant motion

Simplify YOUR play calling using the 'If/Then' structure

"I really love the simplicity and the step by step process with this course. Our kids love the speed and our OC loves the 'If/Then' play calling"

Robert Reeves
Head Coach

"Really enjoyed the course using the One Formation Offense. You provide some really helpful nuggets and concepts that will help sharpen this series for me. Your presentation was great for this material, but that's not a surprise. It always is. Thanks coach."

Ronnie Hawkins
Offensive Coordinator

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